In today’s scientific world, where most of the works has been digitalized and is handled by Artificial Intelligence,
Grammarly is one such app which will proofread all your documents in minutes. You’ll not need a side human editor who’ll correct your grammatical errors and spellings.

I too use Grammarly to proofread whatever I write because you know well how typing and punctuation errors creep into our writings.

So now the main things that might be roaming in your head :
What is Grammarly? How can it be used? Is it affordable? What are its advantages? Can it take over a human proofreader?

Well, to find the answers of above questions keep reading below.

★ What is Grammarly?

Grammarly analyzes a piece of text you’ve written and checks for any errors. The free version of Grammarly covers the basics, i.e. grammatical errors, punctuation marks and spellings. The premium version of Grammarly takes it a step further by offering stylistic and best-writing-practice suggestions.

★ Some Basic Features of Grammarly :

• Grammar and Punctuation: It detects basic and advanced grammar and punctuation errors like alliteration, comma, run-on sentences, fragments, and much more. It catches hold of some minute mistakes too. Some of the common grammar and stylistic suggestions I’ve experienced with Grammarly are :
– Best comma placement within sentences.
– Overuse of words and adverbs.
– Word redundancy (words like “really” and “actually” often add little to no meaning)
– Phrase and sentence structure
– Ambiguous modifiers
– Confusion of tenses.
– Incorrect or ambiguous pronouns

If you’re not sure why a mistake is a mistake, no problem, Grammarly will tell you. It gives you a quick and easy-to-understand lesson.

• Spelling Check: It checks every word in your writing for spelling errors. It is more comprehensive and robust.

• Plagiarism: It can scan your entire document for any cases of plagiarism, intentional or unintentional. A tool like Grammarly is important to give your documents the full plagiarism rundown before you publish anything online.

Now the main thing which comes is :

★ How to use Grammarly on Chrome?

Grammarly is an internet-based tool, so of course, you need to be connected to the internet to use it.
To learn how to use the extension, follow the steps below.

To install the Chrome extension :

• Visit the Chrome Store.
• Search Grammarly.
• Select Grammarly, download it and click Add to Chrome.
• You’ll be taken to a welcome page, where you can automatically go to Gmail from the site and compose a new email.
• A new Compose window will appear.
• You can type your message, and in the bottom right-hand side of the message window, you’ll see the Grammarly logo.
• If you made any mistakes in your text, the logo would read the number of corrections Grammarly suggests.
You can hover over the underlined text in the message of your body to preview the correction.

Now the second part which comes is :

★ How to access Grammarly on Google Documents?

First, make sure you’re signed in to your Grammarly account and have the Chrome browser extension.
( P.S. – Install Grammarly for Chrome if you haven’t already.)

When you open any document in Google Docs, you should see a pop-up letting you know you’ve been given access to the beta. Once you see that, check for the Grammarly logo in the bottom right corner. That means it’s working! (If the document you open is long, you may see a message asking you to confirm that you want to check the entire record.)

Now, type away! Grammarly’s corrections and suggestions will appear as red underlines in your text, just as they do in our other products. Hover over each red underline to see the proposal, and click to accept it.

The essential part what you want to be knowing and you should know is :

Why use Grammarly?

* It is the best and the most powerful spell and grammar checker available till date.
* It is user friendly. Anyone can easily handle using Grammarly.
* It is time-saving because of its high accuracy level.
* The feature of Grammarly that I liked the most is while showing and correcting your spelling and grammatical errors, it also explains and makes you understand why your mistakes are wrong.
* It helps you to learn as well.

I would personally and surely recommend you to use Grammarly as it will be very helpful for you.