Have you ever imagined, how our user interface and experience of various devices would have been without drag & drop feature? Think about a day when you wake up, turn on your computer and that cursor is gone. Sounds scary right? Our whole user experience will change drastically without drag & drop feature, as it feels impossible to think about any other feature being this much sophisticated.

Well, the title makes it clear that we aren’t here to talk about this feature going away so, nothing to worry about that. In this blog we’ll take a look at how drag & drop feature plays important role in our user experience and why it’s overpowering with its application in website builders, editors etc.

What Drag & Drop feature actually is?

Well, it’s as easy to understand the function as it is to understand the name. The name describes the action of selecting a virtual object, section of any written text, by clicking and holding onto it, dragging it to another place and dropping it there. For example, moving an icon on your computer screen. You can drag and drop it anywhere on the screen.

Why this simple feature is getting so powerful? The answer lies in the question itself! “simplicity” is what its power is. Its whole importance revolves around its simplicity and ease of use. Let’s take a look and understand different reasons of this feature being overpowered in website builders, editors etc.

  • Ease of use
  • Instant visible actions & results
  • Easy change implementation
  • Less expensive


  1. Ease of use

 the working space of Drag & drop editors is easy to use and resembles a familiar interface like MS Word. It’s as easy to learn and work with as using basic computer functions. Drag & Drop interfaces consist various options available for adding elements and adjusting these elements to suit the design you want to have. As we said earlier, simplicity is its power, therefore visual editors are able to focus on the design aspect of web building because they are simple and easy to use, requiring little to no knowledge on basic coding.

  • Thousands of people can start their online business or have an online presence without having prior knowledge of programming and website building
  • Any design element that has been “dragged and dropped” will automatically be supported by an appropriate HTML code.
  1. Instant visible actions & results

Drag & Drop editors are also referred as WYSIWYG editors. Which stands for ‘what you see is what you get. Instant visibility of your actions and their results is one of the major reasons of these editors being powerful because, they allow you to see your design as you build it in real time, rather than strictly relying on a traditional code. You can clearly see how the data actually transfers right on the very screen of your device. You will the result of your actions instantly.

  1. Easy change implementation

Sticking to pre designed website templates for long may seem like gaining savings but, from time to time, the demands of the market change. Being a website owner, there will be need to make changes in your site. Working with a Drag & Drop web builder can cause those edits easy and fast. With Drag & Drop website builders, you get the advantage to re-structure the appearance of the template. Implementing the changes is very easy with Drag & Drop editors. You can make customizations to your website quickly. There will be no need to purchase another website builder just to fit in with the trend.

  1. Less expensive

It has been discovered that Drag & Drop editors can be a method to build a website economically. To begin with, there’s no need to shell out for a programmer. Every alternative month you might spend under $20 and on some occasion even ten dollars, depending on your plan & platform. This choice is reasonably inexpensive for those, who are just about to start a business that is small. Drag & Drop builders has opened the doorways which were closed for small shop owners. They can also have that online existence without spending a king’s ransom for this.


It’s very clear that not everyone has technical knowledge to play around with things and make a website. With the technology being advanced every day, it’s no big thing for anyone to have a website. Having a website and moving business online is no more for big businesses and money makers only. Most of the customers are now online and that’s where drag & drop feature makes it easy for small business owners to thrive their business without heavy technical knowledge and huge amount of money.

So, now you know everything about it, what’s the wait for? use Drag & Drop website builders and build your dream website